Artist Statement


I am a dancer and choreographer. When I moved to Memphis in 1988, I taught dance at The University of Memphis.


As a child I had polio, which resulted in a tremor in my right hand. As this tremor became more pronounced I studied calligraphy, at the Memphis College of Art, switching "writing" hands. Twenty years later I draw and paint with only my left hand. Imagine!


In 2000, I began to study botanical and wildlife art with Master Teachers Katie Lee and Hillary Parker. I am attracted to the colors, movements and personality of the birds and plants. I compose them on the paper as a choreographer would. Where are they in space? What is their focus? The wild things have their story, but I also have mine! If I am lucky a metaphor evolves communicating a story; the image needs to feel so alive you expect the bird to fly away or the petals to drop off the stem.